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1. What is Bus Up ®?

BusUp is a platform that allows you to hire a customized coach service in real time.

Through the App you can pay the total amount of the trip or divide it among all the passengers.

You and the other passengers can manage or consult the details of the route through the App whenever you want.

In addition, through our platform you can buy a ticket for any of the events published by BusUp or propose a personalized route according to your needs.


2. Which transport options are normally available?

a. Available Routes: fixed routes that will be confirmed by obtaining a minimum number of passengers. If the minimum number of passengers is not reached, the route will be cancelled and the money will be automatically returned to the users who have paid for the service. In case of cancellation of a route, users will always be notified between 7 and 15 days before the event so they can find alternatives. The refund will be made in a maximum of 15 days after the cancellation.

b. Propose your route: The platform allows you to save the specific needs in order to create routes on demand if a minimum number of passengers is achieved.


3. What does your route propose?

Through our platform, you can register your mobility needs for the specific event.

Subsequently, the BusUp® platform will identify and create routes according to the clients' demand, adjusting to the requirements previously made. The greater the demand for a specific route, the greater the possibility that will move forward.


4. Is there any kind of purchase commitment when registering my data or proposing a route?

No, there is no type of commitment when you register your data. These are used to identify if there are more users with your same mobility needs and, if so, to be able to offer you a route and inform you in case it is published.


5. Which information do I need to reserve my place?

When buying the tickets, during the process of payment, you must enter your name, a valid email address, a telephone number, as well as the payment card details.


6. Which is the price of a bus ticket?

The price is calculated according to each route.


7. For how long can I buy tickets?

a. The available fixed routes will be closed between 7 and 15 days before the event. If the minimum number of passengers is not reached, the route will be cancelled and the money will be automatically returned to the users who have paid for the service.

b. The option "propose your route" will be closed 2 weeks before the event.


8. If I want to cancel the purchase, will they refund the amount we have paid?

The amount of any ticket for an available fixed route will not be returned. Only if the event itself is cancelled due to causes beyond BusUp.


9. Can I reserve more than one place in a single purchase process?

Yes, you can buy as many seats as available, including different routes.


10. How many seats are available per route?

The seats per route will depend on the demand. They can be updated and offer more options depending on the users’ requests.


11. I want to buy a ticket, but the route it's already complete. What I can do?

Send an email to with your request and we will try to find a solution.


12. How can we check the exact location of a bus stop?

The ticket that you will receive in your email address will contain all the information of the bus stop.

In case you have any questions about the route, you can send your doubts to


13. What time do we have to be at our bus stop?

We recommend that you arrive at the pick-up location 15 minutes before the scheduled time.


14. Can I carry luggage?

In case of being a coach with 53 seats you will be able to carry luggage that does not exceed 158 cm, added between height + width + length (one per passenger).

If case the bus has between 10 to 20 seats, the baggage will not exceed the hand luggage measures (one per passenger).


15. Can I bring a pet?

Only guide dogs are allowed in the bus.

You can read our general conditions to inform you of the permission to transport the rest of pets.


16. One or more of the passengers use a wheelchair. Are the vehicles adapted for this type of circumstance?

Accessible vehicles are available for people with reduced mobility. It is essential to notify in advance to or by calling +351 92 582 2966 and we will verify the availability of adapted vehicles for the dates.


17. Where can I find out the conditions of transport by coach?

In the general conditions section of the platform, you can find the transport conditions and the BusUp platform.


18. What can I do if I have doubts?

If you have any questions or comments about the process, please contact us through the email address or by  calling: +351 92 582 2966